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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Shima Sis's Wedding
Today is Shima Shazwani's (the one in white scarft) Sister wedding. We girls become kendarat hehehe so weird.. Well kendarat is basically a waitress in a wedding ceremony. We all wore pink. It was a beautiful, glam glam glam wedding. A galore of rich red, pure white and dazzling gold palates filled the once plain void deck. To add to the glam setting, they had a "band" or wedding singer some might say. As she is half Indian so most of the song are romantic songs from bollywood films. Even though the volume can be a little bit too loud, it only fuel the family members and guests with vibrant energy. Pump! Pump! too bad we cant dance to the beat.. would love to show off my newly learned move from verin party.
If there is anything I would change about today, it would be my clothes! My mom made me wear this new pink baju kurung with many many flowers. The design was not the problem. It was the damn material! Felt like I am wearing plastic! Freaking hot sia.. Luckily i was incharge of refilling the goodies basket for most of the ceremony so I did not walk around that much.
Overall the wedding was as pretty as the bride herself..

the only photo with all 4 of us in it
Before the work begins.. making tea for the "band"

I was distracted by this man who kept teasing Nurul

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

sarimbun scout camp

This year MAC was held at Sarimbun Scout Camp which is located at Jalan Bahtera off Lim Chu Kang Road. The location which was meant for the Boys Scout gave the urban chicks an experience of scouts rustic, rugged lifestyle. Being the urban chick we are, the girls did not find the camp a walk in the park but was “enthusiastic” none the least. I was in the Logic-Stick (logistic) team. So I did not deal with the participants that much (a change for once). Basically Faz and I was busy with boiling water one kettle after another. Then we had to help with the tent pitching. Shall not drag about how disgusted I was when I see the condition of the muddy plot of field. The mud was not the problem… the ecosystem that come along with muddy field was the one that gave me Goosebumps. We illegally spent our night in the canteen which the camp officer has designated as one of the places where sleeping is strictly prohibited. What the hell right? Ok ok so it’s a scout camp but duh do I look like a scout member? No.. if not for the wireless internet access I wouldn’t made it through this 4 days camp! We did a dance for the kids.. I gave a girls talk about puberty this time.. I think if I had known the group age, I could have simplified the presentation.
We also illegally cooked lunch near the canteen. We did not expect rain to come during their survival cooking so instead of the kids doing the survival cooking session, we had to do it.
I pity the camp officer who probably find us the weirdest & stubborn headed group ever.. every time they see us, they see us doing something unlawful under the scouts law book.
Overall the camp was an experience I treasure but if u ask do I want to do it again? In a hear beat I would answer Hell No!

Faz & I on the first day... still smiling after tent pitching

The luminous blue bangle . zanah's brightest followed by mine & faz if u can see if dyin.

Sal & Zanah trying so hard to get the projector working.

Free wireless till the turn the router off!

Illegal cooking session

Second day still smiling

** no more pictures after day2 bcoz too freaking tired to recharged the phone

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

I am sorry mom.. i bought another shoes
I want to apologies to my mom cause I have spent a little too much on shoes.. I got all crazy for heels I bought 3 pairs of shoes within 2 weeks.. And I promised my mom earlier this month that I will not buy anymore shoes until I cleared all my old shoes.. Ok not so old .. but new either.. Oh someone please tell me how can one resists buying shoes and bag and clothes and skirts and bla bla bla when they look soo nice and chhhheaaap from this GREAT SINGAPORE SALES!
ok I think I should stay home..away from shops and definitely away from Feza cost she definitely does not help me curb the enthusiasm!

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Friday, June 02, 2006

altruistic behaviours
I have approximately 10 hours till my assignement is due. Have I complete it? NO! Am i working my ass off? NO! well to be frank.. i literally crumble down at the very end of the race.. i always do.. well what the hell.. even da vinci have the same problem.. who would guess me and da vinci have the same prob! not able to finish one's work.. ya ya ya so does everyone else.. the point is i have been putting so much time ( yaright) in this paper and on the last stretch.. i break down.. my body fail on me.. my mind shut .. my attention scattered.. arghhh HANISAH PLEASE FOCUS! i should be reading my piles of journals... but no.. I surfing the net for tiffany's ring.. making my own tiffany pile ring online.. checking out their latest bits.. oh my gosh.. this is so not good.. i have to turn off the internet.. i am blogging for god sake!

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Saturday, May 27, 2006

verinder 21st

Today Siti and I went to Verinder Birthday celebration. It was held at JOM Spans clubhouse.. very chic very posh.. we had superb north Indian food.. I especially lurve the nun bread! power.. the cake was sweet.. pink and white.. i suppose it reflect the identity of the birthday girl herself. As you can see from the picture.. she is bedazzle lah! We end the day with loads of Punjabi dancing.. fuyoh exhilarating! haha i guess tt how it feels to be in a club minus the alcohol and what not... but the "bangara" music was blasting so we all got into the rhythm pretty quick.. i tried to get in the beat and follow ppl nxt to us but siti said i look like i m going jogging.. haha so i might not look like i m dancing... but hell i sure do feel i m in the groove..Anyway i manage get this skirt the day before.. and since it look so pretty, i had to get a pretty sandal and pretty brooch.. BUT i didnt get pretty top.. so yeah.. i had to resort to wearing my plain black t.. i m soo gonna get a pretty top to match this skirt ..

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Friday, May 19, 2006


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Monday, May 15, 2006

Le mariage des mousson aka the monsoon wedding
I love it. I like the actors. I like the setting. I like every detail about it. Not so over the top like most bollywood show would have been.. yet not that dull either.. it is just amazing how many palates of colours there were in the show! I feel like painting my room orange! When i watch the show.. i could actually smell the marigolds.. i am so gung-ho for my friends birthday party now.. punjabi style! hohoo
oh and the best part about this show.. it more realistic than most shows because they don need skinny actress to make the bride look gorgeous and they make arrange marriage seem so happening lah! Did i tell u the guys in there are like hot hot hot. hahaha and wassap with this abcd (american born confused desi)?? it seem like every show has abcd.. some kinda trend huh? I know Hema will be happy to get a fbcd (french born confused desi) hahaha .. who wont if they have good look & bods, filthy rich with padi field in delhi, speak both french and hindi, so calm from yoga, so gentleman and romantic, can dance the night long and have freaking gd taste in food (inherited from india) & fashion (adopted from paris)! I am glad i caught this show and i cant wait to watch it again with my girlfriends!!

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An essential guide to understanding those i am having a hard time teaching. Hopefully this book would enlighten me with tips on how to help me help them. InsyaAllah.


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One of those cds that is addictive. Once it is in your system... it kept playing and playing. My personal fav.. hmm sittinng, waiting, wishing and banana pancake.


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I cant believe i didn't watch les pacte des loups till today! Action pack with loads of fighting scene.. the fighting scene reminded me of another movie call les fils du vent: the son of wind. Both shows are very well choreograph and directed.. and their storyline embodies everything, from romance to legendary fables! ok i am gonna watch it again


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I love this show! Cant believe my bro had given the dvd away! John Cusack is sooo suave in this show! This show made me believe in faith, destiny blah blah blah.. but ultimately, it tell us the important of a good pair of hand glove and shopping etiquette.
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